The ASV Team


Presenting the ASV board members


From left to right: Ahad, Ebrahim, Orane, Rakhmonbek, Zidan


In addition to the board members the student council is represented by the following advisory panel:

Ahmed, Youssef (Electorate 1, Africa)
Gonzalez,Ignacio (Electorate 3, South and central America)
Christian Pablo Canipa Arivez (Electorate 3, South and central America)
Cinto, Gianluca (Electorate 4, The EU)
Kuncheva, Kalina (Electorate 4, The EU)
Herbák, Andrea  (Electorate 4, The EU)
Brazsil, Agnes (Electorate 4, The EU)
Ay, Gülsevi (Electorate 5, Non-EU Europe)
Akulova, Tatiana (Electorate 5, Non-EU Europe)
Tsoy, Sergey (Electorate 5,Non-EU Europe)

If you want to be a part of the board or advisory committee, then let us know.