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    Ahrang Kim

    Hallo, Ich heiße Ahrang aus Südkorea. Ich studiere Politikwissenschaft im Master. Herzlich Wilkommen zu meiner Sprechstunde. Lass uns zusammen gegen Rassismus kämpfen.  

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    Rules of Procedure

    Rules of Procedure was created in 2003 by official lawyers. Because of translation difficulties the text of Rules of Procedure by ASV is provided only in german language. Please change to german variant of page to see Rules of Procedure.

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    Our Services

    Außer die Sprechstunden bietet die ASV andere Sevices und/oder macht Euch aufmerksam auf Services der Uni, die Euch helfen können.

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    About us

    The ASV of WWU Münster   The international students’ union (“ausländische Studierendenvertretung“in German ) of the WWU Münster has been facilitating international students ever since it was founded in 1971. We make sure that the voice of international students is heard by proactively working against racism, discrimination of any sort and by aiding international students in all walks of student life. It is for this reason that our efforts are not just confined to university policy (“Hochschulpolitik”) but reach out to students in their daily life. We aid students by helping them find accommodation in Münster, by providing counselling regarding issues from university life and provide financial support. The office…